The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k offers a unique, winter running experience on the stunning Wilson Creek trail system in January. Runners will traverse the Reynolds Creek gorge and summit Wilson Peak while braving the elements and enjoying the scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. These trails showcase southwest Idaho at its finest during a time of year when most people are watching the weather from the warmth of their homes. If you are looking for an epic adventure, you will not be disappointed.

The 10 M loop contains ~2200′ of elevation gain and the 20 M loop contains ~4900′ of elevation gain for a total ~7100′ of elevation gain for the 50k. The 50k is a combination of the two loops. The 5 mile has 788′ of elevation gain and is not too technical.

2014 Race Latest News:

  • Registration for 2015 is open! Race date is January 17, 2015. 
  • Photos from Tony and Tempus Photo Design are posted!! Go to his album and “like” your favorite pics. The photo with the most likes whenever we close the voting will be the “face of Wilson Creek” for the year. Finish line area pics from Allen Sandquist coming soon.
  • January 19, 2014: RESULTS! are up thanks to the timing genius and prompt work of Rich Marion, who is always the first to arrive and last to leave at any event. Results are also uploaded to Ultrasignup. At a glance:
    50K: 103 (90 started, 87 finished)
    20M: 53 (46 started, 45 finished)
    10M: 117  (110 started, 110 finished)
    5M: 45 (40 started, 40 finished)
    Total: 318 Registered; 286 Started; 282 Finished
    Drops: 4 Drops (3 in the 50K and 1 in the 20 Mile)
  • November 2, 2013: It is with mixed feelings that Pickled Feet Ultra Running announces that the Silver City Endurance Runs will no longer take place. We feel sad because we loved the Silver City race; it was a special event. We are pumped, however, because it allows us the opportunity to assist another Idaho race director in announcing a very exciting new race in another unique locality…the River of No Return Endurance Runs, to be held June 21, 2014. We’ll be there; please join us! 
  • First big announcement for 2014: We have added a nice little 5 mile race so your family and friends have something to do while you are toiling away at the 50k. The 5 mile is a great beginner trail race. 50k…not as much.
    Second Big Announcement for 2014: The courses will run in reverse direction this year. We want to keep things from getting stagnant, plus it sounds super fun to run up the front side of Wilson Peak. For the 50k race, the 20 mile loop will still be first, followed by the 10 mile loop, but the individual loops will be run in the reverse direction.

THANK YOU to the Ness brothers and Silverline Films for producing this video of the 2012 Wilson Creek Frozen 50k!

Frozen First from Silverline Films on Vimeo.

Pickled Feet Ultra Running

The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k is presented by Pickled Feet Ultra Running.

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