1.14.13 Pre-Race Briefing Email

Posted by on January 14, 2013

Hey, FROZEN Runners,

If you live in SW Idaho, you really ARE freezing right now,and the weather doesn’t appear to be warming up too much before race day. That’sgood if you prefer running on FROZEN ground vs. MUDDY ground. To each his own.

This is basically the pre-race briefing, so if you’re goingto ignore me on race morning, read this now!

1. Please Carpool! The Nampa Rec Center on 12th Ave. Rd. that you will drive by on your way out of town is a good spot to meet up to carpool. Please park in the outskirts of their parking lot. Also, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to drive to the race. We’ve had reports that the roads are relatively clear all the way out Hwy 45 and Hwy 78, but you will still need 45 minutes from Nampa and probably an hour and a half from Boise, on the conservative side. You may have to park up to a half mile away from the race start; please follow the direction of the parking monitors.

2. Packet Pickup& Race Checkin. Packets will be available at The Pulse Running &Fitness in Meridian from 10 am to 6 pm on Thursday, January 17th and Friday, January 18th. Please remember that packets WILL NOT include your bib #s. You will get your numbers with timing chip at the mandatory checkin on race morning.

3. NO DROP TO A 20MILE FINISH. Last year, we allowed people to drop from the 50k to the 20M race at the end of the first loop for a 20M finish time. Due to confusion and in the interest of fairness, we are discontinuing this practice. If you do not finish whatever race you are signed up for at the time the gun goes off, you will get a DNF. If you want to change race distances, you may do so by emailing me ASAP (pickledfeetultras@gmail.com). You can also change distances on race morning up until 6:30 AM at the registration table, but out of consideration for race-morning craziness and the sanity of our longsuffering timer Rich Marion,please notify us well before that if you want to change distances.

4. Pacers. If youare a 50k runner who insists on having a pacer, we are allowing pacers for 50krunners on the 10 mile second loop only (NO PACERS ON THE 20 MILE LOOP OR INTHE 10 MILE RACE). Pacers will be required to wear the same bib # as theirrunner, which they will receive in exchange for a signed pacer waiver at racecheckin. Please read the pacer rules on the Info page of the website (http://emilyberriochoa.com/Frozen50k/info/).I bring up the pacer information not to encourage you to have a pacer, but simplyto prevent last-minute issues with people asking about it on race day or usingun-waivered pacers without permission.

5. Course Conditions& Facebook Event. There is snow. It is very cold. There is not as much snow on the 10 mile loop as there is higher up on the 20 mile loop. I created a facebook event for you to connect with other runners, arrange carpooling, and post trail conditions. There’s already some good information posted there. (https://www.facebook.com/events/399589580132221/)

6. Aid Station Chart& Map: Bib #s are assigned (if you care) on Ultrasignup, and I have posted a nice overview map along with a comprehensive all-race aid station chart to supplement the existing individual-race aid station charts on the respective race pages. Those documents are both linked in the Latest News on the home page of our race website at (http://frozen50k.pickledfeetultras.com).

7. 20M and 50K Summit Proof: You will complete an out and back piece from the summit saddle up to the radio tower and back. To prove you completed the out and back, you will be required to retrieve an item at the summit, the identity of which will remain top secret until you get there. We will be collecting the items at the finish line,and you will risk DQ if you don’t have it with you. Don’t cut the course.

8. Post Race Food.We welcome you to bring food that you would like to share with everyone for the post-race feast. We’ll be serving chili for runners along with whatever you guys bring. This worked out really well last year.

9. Awards From Last Year.I still have some age group awards (the shotgun shell plaques) from last year. If you didn’t get your age group award from 2012, check for yours when you get to the race. We’ll set them on a table somewhere around the registration area,labeled with names.

10. Course Markings.The 20 mile loop will be marked with orange flagging. The 10 mile loop will be marked with green/yellow combo flagging. 50k runners will follow the orange thefirst time around and then the green/yellow the second time out. The entire first 7.5 miles of the 20 mile loop will be marked with reflective tape, as will the last two miles at the end of the 10 mile loop for the 50kers finishing in the dark. We’ll triple flag major turns on the inside of the turn. When possible,we’ll also place signage with arrows or written directions. A strip of caution tape (yellow with black CAUTION on it) will be hung a few feet down non-race trails.If in doubt that you are on the right trail, look for a mass of footprints,backtrack to the last place you saw a flag and restart from there, or wait for someone who knows the course to come along to help you. We will have course sweeps on foot following all three races to clear course markings and render aid.

11. Gear. A lot of people are asking if they will need traction devices. As of last weekend, the snow on the course was very lightweight and dry and drifted, not really the conditions in which you need extra traction.However, there are a couple miles on the descent down from Wilson Peak that could be/are pretty icy. It might be worth it to have traction devices along for that area. Additionally, 20M & 50k runners will need a headlamp at the beginning of the race and 50kers will need them again if you are leaving the 20M aid station after 2:00 PM. Be prepared to take care of yourself in the cold out there. Bring handwarmers, scarves, plenty of layers, and an emergency whistle. There are many sections of the race where access is limited or non-existent. Plan for how you are going to keep your water from freezing, and keep enough fuel with you to sustain you should you be out there for longer than expected. BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF,and be prepared to help another runner out if necessary.

Stay warm, stay healthy, and see you Saturday.

Emily & Davina
Pickled Feet Ultra Running

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