1.18.13 Pre-Race Email

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Hey guys,

One day before the race, and we just have a few housekeeping items for you.

1. The course is all marked and is in stellar condition. Our course marking guru Tony Huff along with superstar Dennis Ahern took made this video of how to navigate the summit out and back and how to not get DQd for cutting the course (specifically for 20M & 50k runners, but it’s a nice look at the course for all runners). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4764444802144&set=o.399589580132221&type=2&theater

2. After course marking, we believe there is evidence that trappers are out and about in the Wilson Creek area. This is normal, but we just want extend a caution to you that dogs might be best kept on leashes and that you should not stray too far off the trail to use the bathroom, especially by logs and around the bases of rocks.

3. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time. It’s cold. Layer up, and prepare for how you are going to keep your hands warm (i.e. bring handwarmers – we’ll have a small supply available, but not enough for everyone, so bring some if you can) and your water thawed.

4. It has come to our attention that some people are looking for runners to ‘take over’ their numbers and presumably run in their place, pretending to be them… this is not okay, as it’s a huge liability to us. We are not officially handling transfers or making it an option. However, if you insist on having someone run with your number, they MUST show up with your approval early to the race and fill out their own registration form and waiver.

5. After your race on Saturday, please make sure to check the raffle board in the warming tent for your bib # posted – we have a TON of awesome raffle prizes from our sponsors that we will draw and post while you are running. We don’t want you to leave without your prize if you won something.

Get excited!! It’s never cold if you run fast enough. 😉

Emily & Davina
Your Pickled Feet Masterminds

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