10 M

The 10.8 Mile runners will complete the beautiful loop outlined below. This is also the second of two loops for the 50k runners.

  • This course will be run in a clockwise direction. 
  • The 10.8 Mile contains ~2200′ elev. gain
  • Low of 2565′ and high of 3689′
  • 83% singletrack and 17% road/doubletrack

Start Time

9:00 am, Saturday, January 18, 2020
Arrive at least 30 minutes early to go potty and pick up your race number and timing chip.

Aid Stations (CW)

10 milers will have an aid station at Miles 5, 7, and 10.8.

Course Markings: 

The 10.8 mile course will be marked with flagging clothespins – the exact color will be shown at pre-race briefing.

Elevation Profile (CW)


Elevation Profile (CCW-2012, 2013)

Your Course Marking Specialists

10 Mile Narrative Directions (2012,2013 Counterclockwise direction)

From the main trailhead with the outhouses, head out on Trail 100. One mile out, you will come to a t-intersection. Go left, which will keep you on Trail 100. You will stay on Trail 100 for another ~3 miles until you come out to Wilson Creek Road. The trail tends to braid and split, but usually the splits come back together. Do not take any other side trails (like 130, 140, 142, etc.). Around 3 miles, you will come out of the creek bottom into the open and the trail goes right around a little knoll and then takes a hard left just before you would otherwise hit Wilson Creek Road. Follow this double back portion (staying up and to the right) for about a half mile until you come out at a clearing on Wilson Creek Road which will say Trail 150. This is where the Rocky Road aid station will be on race day at mile 4 (24.3 for 50k).

Cross Wilson Creek Road (3758) onto Trail 500. Descend across the valley on Trail 500; You will come to a fork between 500 and 501. They come back together, so take either one. 501 is gnarly, rocky, more direct, and has a better view. 500 is nice and tame but slightly longer. Continue down on Trail 500 until you reach another main sandy road (37154). This is where Stinson Station aid station will be on race day at mile 6 (and mile 18 for 20M/50k and 26.3 for 50k).

Turn right on the road and go about three tenths of a mile up to an intersection with Road 37165.

Go left on road 37165, which will take you east down into the creek bottom edged with stunning red-rock cliffs. Take a minute to soak in the grandeur and feel dwarfed by the canyon walls.

Turn left on Trail 600 at the creek. This trail will follow the creek draw all the way until the trail runs out. At this point, go left up into a clearing and cross the clearing to Trail 310.

Take Trail 310 a short way across (on the way, do not make the mistake of veering left onto Trail 500), and you will hit another jeep Road 37164. Turn left; wind around a hill until you come to an intersection with Road 37154. Turn right (do not cross straight onto the trail across from where the road intersects).

Shortly, you will come to a clearing on your left with a fire ring and a large row of boulders marking a trail entrance. This is Trail 400 (the trail marker in the clearing is currently in a reclining position). Follow Trail 400 all the way across the valley (stay left at the unmarked trail split you will come to about a half mile up Trail 400 – look for the small rock cairn).

Keep going on the trail you are on all the way across the flat. The trail will meander to the right and eventually dump you out just before the intersection of Wilson Creek Road and Road 37156. You can see your car and the trailhead outhouses from here.

Cross Road 37156 and bomb on down Trail 400 to the trailhead, sticking left to the spurs which take you most directly toward the trailhead. Good job!

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