20 M

20 Mile runners will complete the epic 20.3 mile loop shown below. This is also the first of two loops for 50k runners.

  • The course will be run in a clockwise direction.
  • ~4900′ elev. gain for 20.3 miles
  • Low of 2714′ and high of 5340′
  • 69% (14 miles) of road or doubletrack; 31% (~6.3 miles) singletrack

Start Time

7:3o am, Saturday, January 18, 2020.
Arrive at least 30 minutes early to park, go potty, and pick up your race number and timing chip.

Aid Stations (CW)

20.3 Mile runners will have aid stations at miles 2.5, 13, and 20.3.

Course Markings:

The 20 mile loop will be marked with flagging on clothespins. Exact flagging to look for will be shown at the pre-race briefing.

Course Profile (CW)


Course Profile (CCW-2012, 2013)

Narrative Directions (CCW-2012, 2013)

From the trailhead with the bathrooms, take Trail 100 out a mile to the t-intersection; turn right onto road 37162. Go about a half mile and continue across road 37151 straight onto Trail 250. Take Trail 250 until you come to a 4-way intersection with 250/260/262. Take a left onto Trail 262. About a half mile up this trail (doubletrack ATV road), you will come to an intersection with 150 and 262. Bear right onto 262. Bomb down this trail into the draw (where we spooked a herd of wild horses last time we were out there), and cross the creek bottom, taking a hard right turn and continuing onto the best approximation of a trail you can determine. Go about a quarter mile on barely determinable trail and then take a hard left over onto the ATV road at the fence and stock tank. This is road 37153. Got left up the road and start climbing.

Go up about a mile and a half until you see a yellow fence. DO NOT go through that gate. Turn left up over the hill on Trail 800. Pay attention – the trail sort of skips to the right at the crest of the last little hill before you head down. Follow Trail 800 down through the canyon. Pay very close attention to the trail about a mile down- it becomes quite obscure. You need to be heading down the draw, not staying up on the side of the hill. You will see Wilson Creek Road cutting across the hill out in front of you, and if you have done it right, you will come out to Wilson Creek Road at a green gate. This is the location of the Mud Pit aid station at mile 7.5.

Turn right and head UP Wilson Creek Road. Run as hard as you can up Wilson Creek Road for about 3 miles until you come to a saddle with an intersection and a sign (that says Wilson Creek Travel Management on it). At the sign, turn left off Wilson Creek Road onto Road 37154, a doubletrack ATV road. Shortly up this road, you will come to what appears to be a split in the road, but both routes come back together. Before the saddle below the summit, you will come to one more junction at which you will stay left (keep your eye on the towers – that’s where you are going).

From Wilson Creek Road, go up Road 37154 for about a mile and a half until you reach a saddle and an intersection. You should have been spotting the radio tower to your left on your way up. Turn left at this intersection and go up to the radio tower, about a half mile. Take in the stunning view of the valley from the tower, and then turn around and go the half mile back down to the saddle, going left when you hit Road 37154 again.

Now comes the descent! Continue down Road 37154. There will be some little side spurs that you should ignore. Stay on what appears to be the main-est road. If the side spur is marked with a metal sign, ignore it and keep going. The main road is not marked with any metal signs. It’s at least four miles from the summit down to the bottom of the hill. Your quads will be screaming, but no one is going to airlift you off the mountain, so just keep going. (Note: although this is mostly a descent, there are some friendly little “ups” to break up the down, one of which is a significant oxbow that comes about a half mile down from the summit saddle. Do not be fooled by this. You are going the right way.)

Finally, you will come to the intersection of road 37154 and 37165 near the Reynolds Creek red canyon. Keep going down road 37154  for .3 miles. This is where the Stinson Station aid station will be at the junction of Trail 500 and Road 37154. Keep going on the road past the aid station; less than a mile up you will come to a clearing to your left with a fire pit and a row of boulders where the trail starts. This is Trail 400. Last time I was out there, the trail sign was in a reclining position. Make sure you are going onto Trail 400! Just before the correct clearing, there is another trailhead which could be mistaken for Trail 400, but it is a large sandy wash trail which you do NOT want to run. Anyway, go left off the road onto Trail 400. Stay on this trail for approximately two miles (staying left when you come to an unmarked trail split just past the rock “house” – look for the small cairn). Eventually, almost at Wilson Creek Road, you will cross Road 37156 (from which point you can see the trailhead with your car and the bathrooms) and continue on down Trail 400 to the trailhead. Bomb down the trail, taking the spurs that head you to the trailhead. You are done with this epic run!

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