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Posted by on September 8, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2013

Contact: Emily Berriochoa, Race Director, 208.371.4436, pickledfeetultras@gmail.com
Amy King, Co-Race Director, pickledfeetultras@gmail.com

MELBA, ID — Pickled Feet Ultra Running announces that registration for the Fourth Annual Wilson Creek Frozen 50k trail races is now open. Idaho’s winter trail running classic will return on January 18, 2014 to the BLM-managed Wilson Creek trail system on Hwy. 78 between Given’s Hot Springs and the Hwy. 45 junction. The event features four trail race distances: 50 kilometer, 20.3 mile, 10.8 mile, and 5 mile.

Pickled Feet Ultra Running also welcomes Amy King as co-race director for the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k to replace co-founder Davina Jackson, who left the organization earlier in 2013.

The success of the Wilson Creek event can be largely attributed to the large community efforts of the Murphy-Reynolds-Wilson Fire Department, the Canyon County ATV Club, and the Boise County Amateur HAM Radio Club, as well as many local volunteers from the running community.

Race Director Emily Berriochoa grew up running the Wilson Creek and Reynolds Creek trails with her dad, Dwight Schuh, who will be running in the event and helping around the finish line. Berriochoa desires to share the high desert beauty of the Owyhee Foothills with fellow trail runners. Pickled Feet Ultra Running’s mission for the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k is to offer a unique, challenging winter running experience on the stunning Wilson Creek trails during a time of year when most people are watching the weather from the warmth of their homes. If you are looking for an epic adventure, this race will not disappoint.

The Frozen 50k starts at the break of dawn with the blast of a shotgun, and age group winners will receive the now-traditional award consisting of a shotgun shell attached to a chunk of two by four. Last place finishers in each race receive the Frozen Stiff designation with a special 2×4 award. Wall tents at the trailhead provide runners a place to warm up before and after the race, an especially appreciated feature when the starting temperature is negative three degrees, as it was for 2013’s race.

The 50 kilometer runners will take between 5 hours to 12 hours to complete the course, which leads runners through the red canyon walls of the Reynolds Creek gorge to the high point of the course, Wilson Peak for a total of ~7100 feet of elevation gain for the 31 miles. The 20.3 mile race has about 4900 feet of gain, the 10.8 mile has about 2100 feet, and the newly-added 5 mile course has about 788 feet of elevation gain.

The men’s 50k course record of 5:08 was set by Seth Swanson of Montana in 2012. Local Joelle Vaught holds the women’s 50k course record of 5:11, set in 2013. Jeremy Humphrey of McCall holds the 20.3 mile record of 3:35; Carla Lucas of New Zealand holds the women’s 20.3 mile record of 3:43. In the 10.8 mile race, fourteen-year-old Joshua Thatcher of Sugar City holds the men’s record of 1:24; on the women’s side, local Jaclyn Puga holds the 10.8 mile record at 1:25.

Two hundred and twenty five runners toed the line for the 2013 race, up from 194 in 2012, and organizers expect to reach nearly 300 participants for 2014.

Sponsors include: The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop, Scott Sports, Blessing Plumbing, Hammer Nutrition, Dennis Ahern Woodworking, The Cascade Project, ABC Sanitation, Starbucks Nampa, Rolling H Cycles, and Sign Hype.

This event is part of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series (www.idahotrailultraseries.com). For more information, visit http://frozen50k.pickledfeetultras.com.

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