Online 2017 registration is now closed.

Race day registration is an option for the cash-only prices listed below.

Race Day CASH ONLY 1/14/2017

  • 50k: $80
  • 20.3M: $80
  • 10.8M: $70
  • 5M: $50

Refunds: Neither Ultrasignup nor Pickled Feet will issue refunds for this race! Consider carefully before signing up.
Seriously, no refunds. This is a cheap entry fee. We’ll use your money for good stuff. [Added 1/12/2017: we cannot ever under any circumstances issue full refunds in the case of last minute race cancellation due to extreme weather or other Acts of Nature out of our control.]

Transfers: We don’t have any other races you can transfer your fee to. Sorry.

 Roll Overs: We will not roll your entry over to the following year. That’s too much for our feeble minds to keep track of, and it’s also a loss because we’ve probably already bought your stuff for this year.

Online through 11/30/2016

  • 50k: $50
  • 20.3M: $50
  • 10.8M: $40
  • 5M: $30

Online 12/1/16 – 1/6/2017

  • 50k: $65
  • 20.3M: $65
  • 10.8M: $55
  • 5M: $45

Distance Changes: You may change race distances through January 6, 2017. To do this, email or call 208.371.4436. After January 6, 2017, just come to the race early and change distances.

You are welcome to increase in distance before the race start by paying the difference with a check and letting the race directors know of your awesome decision.

Changing Races Mid-Event: You may not change distances mid-race. If you sign up for the 50k and don’t finish it, it’s a DNF. You may not drop down to a 20 mile finish mid-race. If you start the race as a 50k participant and do not finish 50k, you will not be listed as a finisher at any distance. If you are signed up for the 20 mile and are having a good day and want to continue, you may alert the aid station that you want to bump up to the 50k during the race.


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