Boise's Annual
Recover From the Holidays 'Emileon' 50k

No fees, times, awards, or whining.

Date & Time

Saturday, December 30, 2017
7:00 AM
**Ft. Boise at the 50k Frenzy start area by the Dog Park**


For the uninitiated, Recover From the Holidays 50k runs are a post-holiday tradition. Similar events are held in a number of locations around the United States. The event is an informal event without entry fees, awards, official finishing times, aid stations, or wimps. Our purpose is to get together for a nice run rather than to have a formal race.  The distance is not exact. Directions are not exact. Starting time is not exact. I’m pretty sure about the date. Read below for some history of the event.


This year’s route features a change over the previous 10 years! Instead of starting on Rocky Canyon Road at the end of the pavement, we'll start at Ft. Boise by the Dog Park and then make our way to Bogus Basin Road almost entirely on trails, and then turn around and go back. Bring your own map or print these directions; none will be provided.

[Directions from Ft. Boise to Trail 26A (Shane's Loop) to be added later]  Follow #26A for a couple of miles or so (ignoring other trails like 22 & 20A), then turn left onto Trail 26 (Three Bears).

Follow #26 down into a creek bottom, then up to a dirt road. Turn left on the dirt road and go to Trail 5 (Freestone). 

Take a right on #5 and start going up for a couple miles. Keep going past #42 (Fat Tire Traverse). Shortly after #42, #5 will connect with Trail 6 (Curlew). Go left onto #6. 

When you get to Trail 4, take a left and go down. Stay on #4 down into Hull’s Gulch (ignoring Trails 24, 28, 29, 0); cross the creek, and stay on #4 up the hill to the trailhead at 8th Street.

Take a potty break at the trailhead outhouse if needed, then cross 8th Street directly over onto Trail 31. 

Stay on #31 about 5 miles, ignoring Trails 30, 32, and 33. 

When you get close to Bogus Basin Road, there is a fork in the trail. Take the right fork to hit the trailhead. (If you go left, you will come out at Bogus Basin Road and have to turn right and run down the road to get to the trailhead). There is an outhouse at the trailhead.

Turn around and return the way you came.

Highest elevation is around 4000 feet. There might be snow on the ground, possibly knee deep in places. There might also be mud or ice on the ground. The only certainty is that there will be ground on the ground.

See you there.

Garmin Map Link [not updated for 12/30/2017 edition yet]


History of the January Fat Ass Runs

by Joe Oakes

In the summer of 1979 I needed to run a 50-miler to qualify for the 1980 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (which at that time was actually about two miles short.) Unfortunately there were no 50-mile races available. Those of us who ran ultras in those days will remember that the offerings were few and far between. However, a guy named Jack Leydig put on an annual 50-mile run down the Northern Cali- fornia coast, a seven-person relay called the Christmas Relays. I entered as a team of seven under the names of Joe Oakes, Joseph Oakes, JA Oakes, et cetera, and was accepted. It was so much fun that John Lehrer and I decided to repeat it the following year. Because it was to be held over the Christmas holidays when there were very few runs available, we decided to call it the RECOVER FROM THE HOLIDAYS FAT ASS FIFTY. There would be no entry fee, no awards, no aid. We did ask that you bring an old T-shirt so the winner would have his pick of the scruffy lot, the rest selected as you finished at the Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Cruz, California. You just did it, a la Nike's slogan. It caught on. I got requests from folks all over the United States and from out of the country to make use of the name and the idea. I was Eng- land, all over the world. There is even a Fat Ass Club in Vancouver, British Columbia. So, my illegitimate babies have gone free. I am no longer involved, but it warms my heart to know that my progeny (sic) are roaming the earth. I am fulfilled.


Emily Berriochoa